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HEISLER THEATER | Assorted Spring Dates

Suspense Theater Weekend

Along a Country Road &

That Thing in the Window | February 23- 25

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for the weekend below!

Lake Arrowhead Classical Ballet | April 13


Sherlock Holmes & the Star of Arabia | April 26- 28 &  May 3- 5


Broadway Review | May 24- 26

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On a Country Road

     You are driving along a country road. The traffic is starting to back-up and a storm is brewing. All you need to complete the scene is a lunatic on the run after butchering a doctor, a nurse and a ward attendant with a meat cleaver in the nearby mental hospital.

   This is a classic killer-on-the-loose story and a superb example of just how gripping old time radio shows can be.

That Thing in the Window

   You look out of your window at the apartments opposite and see a man sat in a chair facing the window. The next day you look out of the window again and the same man is sat in the same chair in exactly the same position.

   What do you do? Do you go across to the apartment block over the road and check it out for yourself?

   What if the apartment superintendent checks with the two spinster women living in that apartment only to find that there is no man in that apartment?

   You return to your own apartment only to find that the man is still sat in the chair - still in exactly the same position!


 Heisler Theater will recreate these two infamous studies in terror!

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