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Hunter & The Dirty Jacks Show tentatively rescheduled for Saturday, 

TH Hunter Dirty Jacks 3-28-20.jpg

Born on the California Highways, Hunter & The Dirty Jacks are a working man's band who are never afraid to take risks on stage and with their sound. They often perform without set lists and always play off the crowd. Their southern rock-infused sound, reminiscent of the 1970s, was found and fine-tuned while traveling up and down the West Coast. The Jacks blend an infectious, sonic alchemy of rock, blues, country, folk, and psychedelic improvisational jamming.

Band Members: 

Jon Siembieda - Guitarist

Aaron Barnes - Bassist

Moana Avvenenti - Vocalist

Hunter Ackerman - Frontman

Carmelo Bonaventura - Guitarist

Brian Lara - Drummer

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