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Gino Matteo

"Work hard at what you love, treat everyone you meet like family, and try to smile here and there". 

Through it all, Gino Matteo still holds true to what he believes. Being a rarity in today's Roots-Music world, Gino Matteo is a young man with an incredible knowledge and respect for the past. A true student of the life. Gino's performances are spontaneous, explosive, and original- a triple threat to the music world. 


Gino is the definition of an "old soul" with a voice as smooth as velvet but tough as nails. 
Gino writes music about his life as he lives it. His love, joy, and pain pour through his guitar and voice. 


Using the experiences learned over time, Gino Matteo's sound respectfully pays tribute to true roots music while adding a bit of his own life in between and is quickly carving out a name for himself being among the finest songwriters and guitarists in music. 


Over the course of Gino's career, he has worked with artists such as B.B. King, John Mayer, Hubert Sumlin, John Fogerty, Robert Randolph & The Family Band, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Jonny Lang, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, and the list goes on.


Gino Matteo loves what he does for a living and will continue to inspire and grasp audiences with his truthful and soulful stories. And he will do so with a smile.

Jade Bennett

Jade Bennett is a singer-songwriter hailing from Southern California. Her voice is unmistakeable and her story is amazing. She's perfected the art of sounding like herself. No one sounds like Jade Bennett and Jade Bennett sounds like no one else. She has her own story to tell and her own brand of delivery that will absolutely give you the best chills you've ever felt. Drawing from personal demons and life changing trials, her songs breathe new life into the music world in a dark, sultry, smoky soul infused kaleidoscope of aural genius. 

Her performances will level you and if you listen close, they'll change you.
Bennett is currently working on her debut album for Rip Cat Records produced by her husband, writing partner and guitarist, Gino Matteo. 


"I'm totally unbiased when it comes to musicianship and talent. If Jade didn't have the chops, I wouldn't put myself out there. She's got it all. She's a brilliant writer, singer, performer, she has something to say, and it doesn't hurt that she's beautiful. She's the absolute complete package… In short, she's a badass"… Gino says. 


Jade was born in Redlands, CA to Linda Robles Bennett and John Bennett. Growing up in a family that loved music, she was turned on to the perfect concoction of sounds to create a musician. Soul, Gospel, Funk, Rock, Blues, Oldies…. It was all a part of her daily life.  Family members said she even sang before she could speak. So one could say that music is actually her first language. 

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Old School Gino

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